Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Maintenance Tips

Most of us are all too happy to start enjoying the warmer weather and put the winter behind us. However, with Spring comes some chores if you own a home. Here are some reminders of the areas that should be checked for proper maintenance and continued enjoyment of your home.

Check your roof and see if there are any curled, lost or broken shingles. At that time also inspect the soffits and chimney and see there is any damage such as cracks or chips. You may want to have a professional come and repair to prevent water infiltration.

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts and ensure water flows smoothly.
  2. If exterior woodwork is looking worn such as decks, railings and fences seal them.
  3. Determine if the exterior trim requires a fresh coat of paint.
  4. Inspect driveways and paths to see if there has been damage over the winter.
  5. Open your irrigation system if you have one and test if it is in proper working order.
  6. Clean your door and window screens and see if there is any damage to them.
  7. Check the foundation for any cracks.
  8. Schedule an air conditioning checkup and replace the furnace filter.
  9. Now may be a good time for a carpet and upholstery cleaning.
  10. Get your garden tools sharpened and check the trimmer and mower are operational.
  11. Trim overgrown bushes and prune as needed.
  12. Check the hose connection for any leaks.




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