Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Home

There is plenty of research on the benefits of decluttering and organizing your home. Aside from opening up more space, it can lessen stress, increase productivity and improve your mood. Therefore, here are some tips to complete the job that most of us hate to do and which we likely procrastinate the most about.
1. If you have a daunting job ahead of you, start off with smaller tasks such as a drawer or a closet and work your way up to a full room. Small successes will improve your outlook.
2. Keep like items together when sorting.
3. Tackle one room at a time and set an attainable time to complete. Try to limit to 3 hours at most and take a break for another day.
4. Set up a system for the process. One option you can try is the “Keep, Discard and Storage” boxes while working. For the “Discard” box it includes items for garbage, recycling and selling.
5. The items you sort through should work. If they are broken, either have it fixed or get rid of it.

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